Excellent visibility for training and education

Training of intubation and bronchoscopy skills

Today, limited access to train flexible intubation and bronchoscopy skills is an overall challenge due to lack of equipment and fear of damaging expensive scope systems.

Training is crucial

Proper training in the use of equipment was considered a major causative or contributing factor to poor patient outcome in the 4th National Audit report completed in UK in 2011.1

The report further concluded that enhanced intubation and bronchoscopy skills of staff can lead to improved patient safety 

The ideal scope for intubation and bronchoscopy training

As a single-use flexible bronchoscope aScope 3 facilitates access to and practice of flexible intubation and bronchoscopy skills without doctors having to fear damage to an expensive reusable scope.

aScope 3 offers the same features and advantages of conventional bronchoscope systems. The working channel and selection of three different sizes allows for training and education of a wide range of bronchoscopy procedures.

And when the training is done, simply discard the bronchoscope without worrying about costly repairs, cleaning and reprocessing.

High-resolution monitor

Ambu® aView™ is a portable high resolution monitor that is compatible with all of Ambu's single-use flexible scopes and tubes for One Lung Ventilation.

The clear, high resolution images make navigation and identification of anatomical landmarks easy. Together with aScope 3 aView offers a good color representation reflecting lung tissue colours.

The user interface is intuitive to use and allows images and videos to be stored for later reference and evaluation.

See aView Monitor



  1. 4th National Audit Project of The Royal College of Anesthetists and The Difficult Airway Society. Major complications of airway management in the United Kingdom Report and findings March 2011, Section 2, Clinical reviews