One lung ventilation

Bringing visualization to the next level

Visualization for good clinical practice
in One Lung Ventilation

Proper placement and positioning of a double lumen tube (DLT) or an endobronchial blocker (EBB) may be challenging. Initial malposition or subsequent dislodgment of the tube is not uncommon. Visual confirmation of correct position is recommended as good clinical practice.


Visualization during One Lung Ventilation increases patient safety

The Ambu portfolio for Single Lung Ventilation (OLV) offers a solution that overcomes the challenges of proper placement of double lumen tubes or bronchial blockers. The devices provide visual control during placement as well as continuous visualization during the entire OLV procedure.

It is about flexibility to choose the right visualization solution, and ultimately it is about improving patient safety.

Continuous visualization for faster and safer One Lung Ventilation

The VivaSight-DL with integrated high-resolution camera makes placement of the double lumen tube fast and effective. The continuous visual monitoring throughout the procedure provides a clinical benefit and increases patient safety. VivaSight-DL can be used for left and right sided thoracic surgical procedures exactly like any other left sided DLT.

Malpositioning and dislocation can be immediately detected and corrected with the real-time video image transmitted to the Ambu® aView™ monitor.

The VivaSight portfolio also includes VivaSight-SL, a single lumen tube with integrated camera.

High-resolution monitor

aScope 4 and VivaSight both connect to the Ambu® aView™ - a portable, high-resolution monitor that is operational in seconds and intuitive to use. 

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Six good reasons to use the Ambu portfolio for
One Lung Ventilation

Visual monitoring

Fast and safe OLV with real time visual monitoring during placement and throughout the entire procedure.

Placement & positioning

Overcome today´s placement and positioning challenges of OLV such as the need for repositioning during intubation and during procedure

Improves patient safety

Improves patient safety as incorrect placement is easily detected and can be corrected instantly.

Fast & Effective

Makes lung isolation fast and effective as it reduces the time required for intubation and for visual confirmation during and after intubation.

Reassurance & confidence

Provides reassurance and confidence for the anesthetist.

Zero cross-contamination

Single-use and sterile with no risk of cross-contamination.