The hiring process

Your application

When you apply for a job at Ambu, please submit an application and resume. Your application will give us our first impression of you as a person; therefore it should be more than just a cover letter for your resume. We expect your application to be job specific be sure to provide a detailed description of your particular competences and as they relate to the requirements of the job you are interested in. Your application must also what motivated you to apply to this position, and how the position appeals to you personally.

We prefer you apply online, when you apply you will receive a email conformation. 
All applications will be reviewed, and we will select candidates we feel best match each position. 

The interview

Candidates that best match the qualifications for the positions will be invited to interview with us. The interview is intended to give you a better idea of the role in question, and insight into whether Ambu is the culture for you to work within. We will likewise have an opportunity to assess your qualifications to the specific position.

As a rule, candidates will be invited to two or three interviews before being offered a position at Ambu.

A personality test

Managerial and sales positions will require candidates to take a personality test.The test is an online questionnaire that you take at your convenience. You will receive feedback on the test results during the interview or in writing. All test results will be treated confidentially.

Overall assessment

Once all the interviews have been completed, we will make a total assessment of all the candidates and, based on that evaluation we will offer that candidate the position.

All recruiting and interviewing at Ambu is carried out by Human Resources in cooperation with managers.

Contact us

For Human Resources enquiries please
contact HR in Ambu