In difficult airway management securing the airway is of the utmost importance. Ambu offers a variety of products – from our innovative single use flexible intubation scope to our intubating laryngeal mask – all with their own place in the difficult airway algorithm. And to develop your expertise Ambu offers training products as well as a professional community in which leading anesthetists share their knowledge on planning airway management, awake intubations and tracheostomy.


Breathing Circuits

  • KingBreathing Bags

      KingBreathing Bags

    King Breathing bags include a complete range of latex-free bags in sizes 0,5 ltr, 1,0 ltr, 2,0 ltr and 3,0 ltr with connector that meets ISO regulations and provide secure fit. The Rainbow Breathing bags are a colourful option for infants and children. In addition to paediatric anesthesia breathing bags, the Contour® breathing bag with an hourglass shape provide a better fit and grip.

  • KingFlex2


    co-axial breathing circuit

    The first expandable, single-limb breathing circuit. A revolutionary design that addresses common concerns like no other circuit on the market.

  • KingJackson Rees & KingMapleson

      KingJackson Rees & KingMapleson

    non-rebreathing circuit kits

    King Systems’ disposable modified Mapleson and Jackson-Rees non-rebreathing circuits offer the widest variety of designs and options available to provide convenient solutions for difficult non-rebreathing circuit configurations.

  • KingTransport and PACU Kits

      KingTransport and PACU Kits

    With the King Transport and PACU kits, the patient can be given up to 100% O2 during transport and in the PACU, with more cost effective components and less disposable waste. King Systems can provide this Continuum of Care...

  • KingUniversal F® Flex

      KingUniversal F® Flex

    co-axial breathing circuit

    A 100% disposable, expandable, single-limb breathing circuit.A new King Systems circuit that continues to incorporate therevolutionary features that address common concerns likeno other circuit on the market.

  • KingUniversal F™

      KingUniversal F™

    co-axial breathing circuit

    King Systems earned its reputation as an industry innovator when it introduced the Universal F® single-limb anesthesia breathing circuit in 1992. Desiring to improve patient care, increase efficiency and reduce the overall cost of anesthesia delivery, King Systems developed the first co-axial rebreathing and heat and moisture conservation system in the world.