In difficult airway management securing the airway is of the utmost importance. Ambu offers a variety of products – from our innovative single use flexible intubation scope to our intubating laryngeal mask – all with their own place in the difficult airway algorithm. And to develop your expertise Ambu offers training products as well as a professional community in which leading anesthetists share their knowledge on planning airway management, awake intubations and tracheostomy.


Non Invasive Ventilation

  • Hybrid AV and NE

      Hybrid AV and NE

    Hybrid disposable dual airway mask Delivers optimal performance. Maximizes fit and comfort.

    The Hybrid AV & NE interfaces are disposable dual airway leak-free masks, designed for providing pressure support therapy or non-invasive ventilation. The unique design of the Hybrid promotes patient comfort.

  • Nasal-Aire II Petite

      Nasal-Aire II Petite

    The Nasal Aire II Petite Disposable Interface Now smaller patients can benefit from superior Nasal-Aire® Technology with Micro™ Headgear.

  • SYLENT Silicone NIV Nasal Mask

      SYLENT Silicone NIV Nasal Mask

    The Sylent NE Disposable Mask

    Quick, comfortable, quality

  • Utopia Disposable Full Face Mask AV & NE

      Utopia Disposable Full Face Mask AV & NE

    The Utopia AV & NE are disposable full face masks designed for providing non-invasive ventilation, CPAP or pressure support therapy.