In difficult airway management securing the airway is of the utmost importance. Ambu offers a variety of products – from our innovative single use flexible intubation scope to our intubating laryngeal mask – all with their own place in the difficult airway algorithm. And to develop your expertise Ambu offers training products as well as a professional community in which leading anesthetists share their knowledge on planning airway management, awake intubations and tracheostomy.


Pain Management

  • ACTion™ Block Pain Pump

    Ambu®   ACTion™ Block Pain Pump

    ACTion™ Block Pain Pump a continuous, stable delivery of local anesthetic solution to the nerve block catheter and enables the anesthesiologist to tailor the infusion strategy to best match each individual patient’s unique pain needs throughout the course of treatment.
    Offers a flow consistency of +/- 5% & LATEX FREE!


  • ACTion™ Fuser Pain Pump

    Ambu®   ACTion™ Fuser Pain Pump

    Action™ Fuser Pain Pump is a disposable, LATEX FREE pain pump that is mainly designed to give consistent and customized pain therapy through surgical site infiltration therapy (SSI).

    The ability and simplicity to fit the catheter infusion segment to the actual incision length together with the ability to set the infusion strategy parameters to gain an efficient saturation along the entire incision is a major advantage of Action™ Fuser Pain Pump over other pain therapy alternatives.


  • Ambu Regulator

      Ambu Regulator

    ACTion™ Block can be set to any flow rate between 5-15 ml/hr or 1-6ml/hr to obtain the best match for the individual patient’s post-operative pain needs.

  • MultiBolus™ II

      MultiBolus™ II

    An adjustable parallel bolus that makes it easy to address break through pain.