Comments from our clients

We care about what our customers think about us and we have asked them. Below you can see what some of them have stated.


  • Meg

    25 sep 2017

    “Excellent product, awesome customer service.”

  • Jonathan

    25 sep 2017

  • Lawrence

    18 sep 2017

    “Quality of both the product (EMG Needles) and Customer Care.”

  • Tracy

    18 sep 2017

    “Good products”

  • Ron

    18 sep 2017

    “Products of consistent high quality.”

  • Timothy

    13 sep 2017

    “best monopolar emg needles i have ever used”

  • Dawn

    13 sep 2017

  • Ben

    11 sep 2017

    “excellent products and support, competitive pricing”

  • Anderson

    11 sep 2017

    “I have been approached about using products similar to a product of yours, the pain pump. I tell them the only thing better is no pump needed at all. So their pitch is that ".. it is just as good.." My reply is "if it is just as good why switch........."”

  • Cassie

    28 aug 2017

    “stays on and good contact”