Comments from our clients

We care about what our customers think about us and we have asked them. Below you can see what some of them have stated.


  • Ruth

    25 maj 2017

  • Frank

    25 maj 2017

    “Heater Dugan is the best, most courteous sales rep ever. Also, the Ambu brand needles are by far the sharpest, most sensitive EMG needles on the market.”

  • John

    24 maj 2017

  • Larry

    24 maj 2017

    “Good products”

  • Jan

    24 maj 2017

    “we only order the electrodes. I find they stay on the patient the best”

  • Rachel

    17 maj 2017

    “Great customer service”

  • Laura

    17 maj 2017

    “When John Seeley was there he provided excellent customer service, I have not required service since that time”

  • Donald

    17 maj 2017

    “Excellent customer service, good pricing”

  • Dr.

    15 maj 2017

    “good customer service”

  • Rosemary

    10 maj 2017

    “supplies arrived on time”